Surviving Deportation Through Legal Representation

Surviving Deportation Through Legal Representation

27 May 2021
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Cancellation of your immigration status can lead to deportation when you do not handle the case properly. Without the help of an immigration removal attorney, the immigration court can be brutal, especially to someone with limited legal knowledge. There is a common misconception that judges in immigration courts are generally lenient and sympathetic. The assertion could not be further from the truth. Unlike other courts, the immigration court is less formal and has no jury present. The language used is stripped of legalese to make it easier for immigrants to understand, especially for non-English speaking individuals. However, the Department of Homeland Security always has an attorney present on its behalf, making it difficult for the judge to side with immigrants. Below, the significance of hiring an immigration removal attorney is discussed. 

Familiarity With American Laws

English is not the first language for many immigrants, making it particularly difficult to navigate America's legal system. When the Department of Homeland Security's attorney is determined to send you home, they will capitalize on such disadvantages. The judge sitting in the court may be empathetic but cannot help you with legal arguments; it will be the work of your immigration removal attorney. The judge may be unaware of circumstances in your case that may explain a favorable ruling or an exercise of discretion. With a full docket, they may not interview you to learn more. Thus, consider hiring an immigration removal attorney to reduce the chances of deportation.

Increased Chances of Receiving Citizenship

An attorney is better positioned to go over your case and find a defense against your deportation. There is a false notion that any arrest automatically results in deportation or cancellation of a green card. The allegation is not factual as an immigration removal attorney can sieve through the complex immigration laws to compel the court to allow you to stay. Many charges are usually poorly constructed and cannot amount to deportation when you have an attorney arguing your case. Your attorney can also use other American laws such as asylum to secure your immigration status in the country. 

Effective Evidence Gathering

Immigration laws require immigrants to provide proof of approval either during the application of a green card or during a deportation proceeding. When facing deportation, your case can be thrown out if there is sufficient evidence pointing to the contrary. Some proof, such as photographs, is crucial, and only an immigration removal attorney can point them out. These attorneys have vast knowledge in this field of law and can quickly gather evidence and present them to the immigration judge appealingly and effectively. The chances of securing your immigration status rise drastically with an immigration removal attorney by your side fighting the case. Contact an immigration removal attorney for more information.