What To Understand About Green Cards

What To Understand About Green Cards

7 July 2022
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Getting a green card can mean an immigrant is on their way to living legally in the United States. This type of visa is granted based on several factors. Read on and find out more.

Employment Visas

Only certain types of education and job experience can be used for a visa. However, the US job market can also affect which types of employment qualifies for a visa. If the market is already oversaturated in a particular field, a temporary hold is placed on those visa applications. In most cases, the foreign citizen must prove that they have been offered a job from a US employer. Those in the scientific field, medical professionals, the highly educated (doctorates), and others in demand may receive preferential treatment for a green card.

Family Relationship Visas

Direct family members, such as a spouse, child, or sibling of a US citizen, can often receive expedited visas without having to abide by quota guidelines. However, distant family members may have to wait years. The wait is based on the country of origin, quotas, and more. If you need a green card because of a family relationship, the process can be tricky unless you are a direct blood relative. Speak to an immigration lawyer for help.

Refugee Visas

Those seeking asylum may eventually be successful, but this way of obtaining a green card is more complex than almost any other. Commonly, those who are seeking refugee status must appear before an immigration judge to plead their case. They must present proof that they are being subjected to persecution in their home country and thus deserve the protection of residency in the US. Witnesses can be called and evidence should be submitted to the court during this hearing. If they are approved under this status, they may later petition for full citizenship. Immigrants are urged not to attempt to gain asylum without an immigration lawyer to help them assemble a convincing case to put before judge.

Diversity Lottery

Finally, the lottery system targets certain nationalities that are judged to be underrepresented in the US each year. Only so many names are pulled, and they must reside in certain countries. The conditions for the lottery change each year.

Speak to an immigration lawyer before you waste time on scams that are meant to deprive people of their money but not a green card. They can tell you more about the above green card categories and help you get approved for your green card.